Dear You

Dear you,

Live by your life

don’t compromise

or negotiate

with your soul.

It’s okay. It’s okay.

To breathe. To Stop. To live.

Smell the soil, Feel the air

Dance in the rain, stare at the moon.

Gaze up at the stars

Reminisce in the sunset

Breathe during sunrise

Witness the beauty of dusk

The magical way in which the

Sky changes its colour

From black to dark blue then blue

Feel your life passing by

in the same way,

From the darkness to the light..

Don’t pass through life like a

running train

Sail through it instead

Take your time to learn,

Navigate, wander

Live your life, live it in every possible way

Live in the pages you write

Live in the music you make

Live in the streets you’ve passed by

The lanes you’ve crossed

Live. Live well.


“you seek your love in me.

I seek mine in you.

Then who is giving mine to me

And yours to you?”

The entire human race today

Is stuck, stuck in a place

Seeking love, craving more .

The more they crave, the little they get.

A day comes when all they see is darkness and hollowness all around.

They search for light

But it’s all gone…

They’ve lost it all ..when they were Busy collecting love rather than sharing it.

They fail.

They fail to get love cause they’re busy

They’re busy seeking love in people, places and things.

Failing to get love, failing to realize

That we don’t need to seek for love

We just need to within ourselves

All of us will find love there , within us


I am love

You are love

Don’t seek for love

Cause it’s within us

Love is for us and we are for love.


They say I look like her

But she’s more beautiful

For she’s the flower, I’m a bud.

She’s the love, I’ve learnt to love.

She’s the kindness, I’ve learnt to be kind.

She’s the reason and the cause

My answer and my escape

My worrier and my warrior .

She’s the sunshine on my brightest days

Moon during my darkest nights

She’s the earth where I live and

Will be my grave when I die.

For I don’t wish to be in heaven or hell

But only in my mother’s arm when I lay cold.

She has been my fur coat on the bitterest of winters,

She has been the rain that washes all the pain,

She was there to hold me when the fall came and

She was my ice cream when the sun burnt me to death .

I always wonder if I can ever love you

So selflessly, so truly like you do

Will I ever find a way to your heart and study your soul .

Will I ever find the way to your happiness

Will I ever be able to make you smile

Like you make me

Will I ever be able to learn the pain behind that pretty smile of yours

Will I ever understand the difference between your tears of joy and tears of sorrow.

I am not sure Mumma

But I’ll try💙

Lavenders Grew

I know a girl

From whose body lavenders grew

She’s beautiful

Even though she gobbles food

She is beautiful .

She is beautiful in her over – sized tee,

Baggy pants, messy hair and a smile so wide.

She is beautiful when she laughs,

It’s an ugly laugh but it’s okay

Cause it’s she who’s laughing

I love her.

Her inability to hide a single feeling she felt.

She was different

She chased butterflies,

Stayed up late to watch fireflies .

Flowers blossomed in her when she was happy

and she had the capacity to light the whole damn town.

Even though the flowers withered away

When she was sad, she was still a flower

And very soon she’d find a reason to grow again, bloom again.

When I last met her, she looked beautiful

Staring at me with her eyes half -closed and a smile so wide

I kept looking at her

until she became a dot

standing on a valley .

I saw her again.

This time, she was timid

No flowers grew, for she had

Become a skeleton.

She wore clothes like curtains,

Covering every inch of her skin

She laughs no more.

Seldom smiles

Speaks nothing.

The only progress I saw in her was

She was now capable to hide her feelings

She closed it all and did not let anyone find them

She has lost the capacity to light

The whole damn town

For she was a fused bulb, a blown up candle.

She had not just withered away but she felt dry like autumn

Her willingness to find a reason to bloom again was lost. Long lost.

She does not look at me with her eyes half closed and a smile so wide

I look at her, her eyes has lost its shine

And all I see in those eyes are shame and pain

Dry after sheding

All those tears

I look at her, she looks away

I understand something’s terribly wrong

But I don’t have the nerve to ask

” If everything is fine? ” or say ” I love you, I always have ”

I look at her, she’s lovely

Even though she’s not the girl

I came back to look at

I still love looking at her

I look at her, she looks away

Speaks nothing.

I look at her

trying to find traces of a girl from whose body lavenders grew

How I miss the girl

from whose body lavenders grew..